In which scenarios can we use VB script

To develop flows UiPath doesn’t have some activities, in that case we should use script right ?
Can anybody list down in what scenarios need to use VB script in UiPath.

This is just my honest opinion, but the .VBS files work the best for everything (Office, Terminal, SAP, etc) except Web interaction and Imaging/OCR. However, the biggest disadvantage of this is that it’s not as sustainable when processes change and require more training to comprehend code and have all the scripts talk together as well as with UiPath.

Actually, UiPath has the ability to do most things that your .VBS file will do. It have the ability to use that can be used to find data in tables/arrays efficiently. You can also access all menu options by using Alt-key combinations. While you can’t access the application directly for editing the data, it does work well from my experience when done correctly. And, if your process design is structurally organized then handing it over to other associates or clients is smoother and easier to maintain in the future.

My team uses a .vbs file I wrote (to improve their previous process) to extract a text file from the Terminal and massage it into Excel with all required tabs and formulated tables from the original text. At the time, my knowledge of UiPath and capabilities was limited as using ForEach loops would be quite troublesome for process time. This particular file is being triggered manually but only takes a minute to run.

My team also uses a .vbs file I wrote that takes a large .csv table and closes tons of items into the Terminal session. In this case, it was very beneficial for .vbs because the UiPath Terminal steps (mainly Get Text) are incredibly slowww. What would take over an hour with UiPath, takes about 10mins in .vbs. In this scenario, I’m using some steps in UiPath to call the .vbs file and schedule it in Orchestrator.

At this time, I’m only using UiPath because most processes require some Web Interaction and expressions to manipulate data from tables as well as Alt-key combinations to access menu options has been very helpful. Plus, designing a visual representation of your business process with Flowcharts and State Machines is more intriguing.

I hope this info from my experience helps.




Agree with @ClaytonM

I came with background of .net and VBS and preferred to write .net code or VBS, but only when large data need to process where is no workflow branching on decision.

VBS can help you

  1. data process in same file
  2. data process and copied to another file
  3. bulk file copied
    there and many more scenario but you need to clear on ROI of robot vs VBS.
    You may face challenge on secured layer data transfer or change in process will lead change in code.