In Webpage How to adjust the selector while selecting variable data using loop

Hi All,
I am getting stuck while performing web search for multiple data entry.I think it is related to my selector issue.
Hope you guys can help
What I am trying to perform: What is happening

  1. Reading Book names from excel → Working
  2. Search them in Amazon → Working
  3. Select the book from the search → Selecting the same book every time even though the search is different
  4. Display the price of the book → Due to point 3. issue It is displaying the same value
  5. Display the searched book name from from each loop : Working, as the for each is working

I believe the selector is not correct in Click ‘A’ step.
Thank you.

Sharing the Xmal file and the excel using for searchMain.xaml (28.9 KB)
booknames1.xlsx (8.8 KB)

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@sain87 Main (16).xaml (35.5 KB)

Try the attached xaml if it meets your requirement.

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Hi Gourav,

Thanks for the sharing. It worked well.
So you have used the data scrapping, instead of get text.
I was looking for to select the Link and then navigate to the link page to select the value.

Thanks again for the sharing.
It will be great if you share your steps for replication

Hi Gourav,
I just tried to follow your process through web scrapping, but only it is picking up the same price . :frowning:
Can you just help me to identify the mistake. Will be a great help.
Sharing my latest work.Main.xaml (34.9 KB)

@sain87 – what i did different was once we open the browser- make a search and grab the price. I would close the tab . And open the browser again before making the next search.

Hi Gourav,

Thanks for the clarification. It is working as expected now.
Also one mistake i was doing is while fetching the data and storing in the Data Table,
The scope of the Data Table was all through the Flow Chart and the Output was not updating.

Now I have chaged the scope just within ‘Do’ and can see the value to be updated.

Thanks for the help.

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