In Uipath Studio, Input a number and check positive negative or zero using switch case

Hello, please give a solution to this question- how to input a number and check if it is positive, negative or zero using switch case ? I searched a lot on this topic but couldn’t find an exact & correct solution. Please give a proper solution on what I should write in the encircled fields(expression, case value, type arguments, variable type) mentioned in the attached image.


Hope the following helps you.

Note: in this case, result is string type.



Thanks a lot :+1:. This is an exact solution to my question. I think in Math.Sign(Int32.Parse(result)) , the variable type of result is converted from string to integer through (Int32.Parse(result)) and Math.Sign(…) is used for identifying the sign of integer, case values 1, -1, 0 are written so as to compare and match the 0, +ive, -ive signs with expression value. (sign of result). :thinking:

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