In thise Word doc find out some date

I have one word doc in this file in need only like Encounter Date and some date write excel sheet is there any possible do that

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Can you post the content of the file here so we can use String manipulation and Regex to extract the information

Test1.xlsx (7.8 KB)

Okay, could you explain what do you want with the excel file? I didn’t quite understand from your previous post

Test11.xlsx (8.3 KB)

I need like that

I saw the two xlsx files, it seems like we need the docs file to know from where we want this data…Can we have a sample word doc
Cheers @damodar99

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Test11.xlsx (8.3 KB) (3.6 KB

In this output file i need encounter data and dos date fill name like like Test11 fille i need each and every date for file

I need all date output