In this text field I want to search for "ITEM NUMBER" and select the actual item number A061P694(a pattern of [A-Z]\d{3}\[A-Z]\d{3} it follows). I failed to search for it. Please give me some proper solution for this



Hi, It will select all the searches. I need only after ITEM NUMBER wherever it presents.

Hi @Ankit_Kanjilal
Please send the image in Notepad.
What do you want to extract from this document?

Hi @Ankit_Kanjilal
This is the item number “A061P694”

Yes Gokul.

Hi @Ankit_Kanjilal
There is No “A061P694” After the ITEM NUMBER
Can you check it once and let me know?

Hi @Ankit_Kanjilal
I think so this will work for you.

Can you check this regex

It will not work for all the time. I have to do by using ITEM NUMBER as an Anchor.

Hi @Ankit_Kanjilal

Here is the sample workflow (39.8 KB)


we can fine tune if we do know more on the possible Itemnumber structures

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@ppr Thanks a lot.

Thanks @Gokul001

Hi @Ankit_Kanjilal
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