In the intranet envrionment,How to set up manage packages from orchestrator host?

Hi guys!
As you know,In the intranet envrionment, I want to manage packages like,uipath.credentials.activities etc,that dosen’t install in studio ,so I think it’s should be intalled from OC, by the “Manage Packages”—“settings”—“Orchestrator Host”,but how to do upload packages to the OC,I am puzzled.
Can anyone help me,Thanks!

@donghai- check below guide:

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Thanks your reply!
Base your reply ,I get my answer!
I thought I must upload the newest offical packages into OC for all developers before.
But now I know,the newest offical packages can upload to a “Share Drive” or “Files Manage Center” that all developers can access into it, so is it the correct way?

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