In ServiceNow, i need to proceed based on short description

I am using dummy ServiceNow tool for practicing purpose. I need to process the incident based on the short description. How to check that short description field and proceed further? Which activities i need to use here?
Can anyone help me regarding this.
Thanks in Advance…

Any update on this?
I am in middle of this workflow. Can anyone provide info ASAP…

check that short description field
-try get text

Hi @Swetha_V

You can download the ticket details into the excel right?

I tried but not working

Yes, i have extracted incident details to excel

Then use read range and store it in datatable (let’s say variable name is dtTable) then in assign activity put dtTable ="[short description] like ‘%yoursearchvalue%’).copytodatatable

Short description - column name
Your search value - put the text you want to search

This datatable contains only rows with short description you want,try to write in excel and test it.

Hello Prasath_S,
Can you check the below expression for me it’s showing error…
dtTable ="[short description] like ‘%yoursearchvalue%’).copytodatatable

dtTable =“[short description] like ‘%yoursearchvalue%’”).copytodatatable

Change search value according to your need

Hello Prasath_S,
For storing combination of string and integer (eg:INC0010010) which variable type we need to use?
I am trying to get the incident number from excel and trying to enter into the Servicenow search bar. But i am unable to get that.


It should be string use currentrow(“Number”).tostring.

Also mark as solution if the issue is resolved.thanks

i have tried but not taking incident number from excel and not entering in servicenow.

The incident number is filtered based on your short description?

Yes, find the excel data below

Issue resolved now. But i have another doubt how to navigate one application (eg: task manager) to another application (eg: servicenow incident page which we are working currently).

Any update on this?

Use open application, open browser,attach browser for navigate to other applications or broesers

Yes, i have opened one incident first then doing some checks after that i have opened task manager (checking something) then again i need to navigate to incident (which we opened previously).
For each incident we have different URL’s. How we will navigate to particular incident?

If you are about to automate ServiceNow don’t use GUI automation, Use API connector:

or this

It’s faster and better to test you can try to use it on the free dev instance of SNow

Remember that your user has an LDAP role assigned to it.

I agree, do not use GUI automation, the best one is ServiceNow Activity Pack - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace | Overview

As authentification method we used user and password, what we needed to connect with our Global IT and to convince them to provide us user and password (we use SSO via gmail authentification).