In RE Framework, I want to add row data in a Column of Data table in each Transaction

In RE Framework, I want to add row data in a Column of Data table in each Transaction.

I have “in_DtOutput” (Data Table) available in Process Transaction State, I get an Output Variable (Str_9SeriesNumber) and I want to add new column (9SeriesNumber)in “in_DtOutput” , and inside that want to add data in in 9SeriesNumber Column each transaction,
How we can achieve that, Please Help me ?

Hi @Ajinya_jorwekar ,
You can try add data column
Assign row value


in the intilazation state use add data column activity with Column Name as “9seriesNumber” the process state use assign activity

dt.rows(in_TransactionNumber).item(“9seriesNumber”)=pass the value or variable(Str_9seriesNumber)

please ensure in_TransactionNumber value should be 0

it will be present in the main variables

but what I can use syntax for that, can u please Explain

I have to use this in "Get transaction State, Because before this I have other activities like Get Outlook mail and all other activities, So Can we use do this in “Get Transaction State” and pass the data table into Process transaction state ans if yes then what syntax i have to write for that ?

Hi @Ajinya_jorwekar

Use Add Data Row in Process Transaction State

It Helps


You are using in Reframework
so use read range activity or build datatable activity in the Intialization and pass the datatable to process so that it will resolve Your error

Can you explain from where you are getting the datatable of dt_Output

Actually I have two data Tables one is from I get Document understanding output and one is I get from SAP Application, Then I Have compare the data table based on on one Reference column and By “Join data Table Activity” which Gives me dt_Output Data Table.

and in that table I need to add column “9SeriesNumber” and then in that column i have to add data which i get Dynamically in Each transaction


then you need to pass the join datatable activity output variable to process state

and use write cell or assign activity
not write range activity

can you explain where you are joining two datatables

in Get transaction State

can you please tell me how we can add row data in specified column ?? I think this will solve my problem.
Please tell how we can add row data in a Data Table in specified column (9Series Number)

as you are in reframework

use assign activity

datatablevar.rows(in_transactionNumber).item(“9seriesNumber”)=“your value”

in the end process use write range activity

or you can use

it gives me an Error


in_transaction number is not declared it is saying

are using the assign in process state or where you are using

sorry i was mistaken

can you make like this and use in process state

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Really Thanks you for your Time & Efforts.


Welcome and Thank You


Happy automation

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