In pdf Get the string avilable page number in to excel

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I have a pdf file with number of pages in that file there is have a keyword in some pages .so i need to get the keyeord avilable page numbers in to excel
Example in a file having 100 pges in that a uniq word as ZXQ931 is avilanle multipull pages so need that keyword abilable page numbers in to a excel sheet

@vijayabhaskar1987 - this is doable … give me sometime , I will share the xaml tomorrow.

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Thanks for revet noted

@vijayabhaskar1987 - here you go… (764.9 KB)

In this attached example, I have searched for the word “Certificate” in my pdf which is available in Page 1 and 5. Which has been capture correctly in written in the output file.

Output File

Hope this helps…


Hi Thank you very much for your time on sunday it is working.

Hi how can I give a excel cell value as input string. In below insted of manual enter page range I have the range in a cell as per required format so how can i give

@vijayabhaskar1987 - You have to read the excel using “Read Range” activity or Read cell activity based on your need…and pass the extracted output value to “Page Range”…

what exactly is your requirement? is that is different from your original question…please open a new forum post…

Noted will open new form and will explain

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