In/out argument not available

Hi Folks!

I have a file called “SendExceptionEmail.xaml”. Inside of that file I invoke an RE Framework file called “TakeScreenshot.xaml”. Both do what they are supposed. One takes a screen shot and saves is to disc. And the other sends an email.

However, the “TakeScreenshot.xaml” file has an In/Out Argument that I would like to access from within the “SendExceptionEmail.xaml” file. I would think I should be able to access it because it is In/Out but it is not available for me to select. See screen shot. What am I missing?

Hi @jOeyO

To use the In/Out argument, assign it to a local variable then include it in the ‘Send Outlook Mail Message’ activity.

Hope this helps!


Yes it does!

As soon as I posted the screen shot I saw my mistake and just tested it!

Thank you for the quick and correct reply.

Sometimes when I am looking for the solution to a problem you over look the obvious!

Thanks again!