In orchestrator logs can i change the message " process execution ended" to process execution completed?

I schedule a job to run in every 5 mins, I would like the change the message in the logs which we get by default " process execution ended" to " process execution completed"
Iexecution ended sounds like, it failed,.
Please let me know if there is any way??


Hi @nd02

Apart from the default log messages the UiPath logs automatically, you can add your own log activities with the intended message. You can use the Log Message activity for these kinds of tracking scenarios. This activity has an option to add custom messages as you require. In this activity, you also have the ability of providing the logging level of the robot.

Additionally, if you want to show multiple information in one message box, you can use the Add Log Fields activity to show multiple information within one log message itself.

Hope this helps!!

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Thanks for the revert, but if i am correct, there is no option to change default message
for all executions the default message says execution started and execution ended,
It should be like execution completed.

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@nd02 That’s true. There is no option to change the default messages it logs. However, along with the default message, we can add our own messages in the way we need using the activities I mentioned in the previous post. So it is basically a way of adding the message we need in between the default messages it logs :slight_smile:


Thank you so much

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