In Orchestrator, how can I create many tenant?


I installed Orchestrator on my machine and I do not have the possibility to add supporters? how can i add a tenant.
thank you in advance


See if this article helps


In the login page i don’t have “Become a tenant”


Now Orchestrator community was moved to cloud. Could you please try below link and use any login option like Google, Microsoft or LinkedIn.

But I work on my internal orchestrator. And I want to work with tenant

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Kindly have a view on this

Hope this could help you
Cheers @Ala_Abouda

but I do not work in the cloud.

Hi @Ala_Abouda

The link posted by @srdjan.suc should help you out. Scroll a bit lower to this part:

As a Host Admin

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But I don’t have Become a tenant in my Login page

Please scroll the article a bit down. It is possible to add a tenant from the Tenants page when logged-in as a host:

Hi @Ala_Abouda plz did you had a solution ? i have the same problem :frowning:

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