In Orchestrator, Email ID Cannot Be Changed For User After OKTA Authentication

Resolution when in Orchestrator, email id cannot be changed for user after OKTA authentication.

Issue Description: If using OKTA authentication for Orchestrator and a new OKTA user is created in Orchestrator; before the user login via OKTA, the email address can be changed in Orchestrator for that user. But after the user login first time via OKTA, the email address cannot be changed and throws an error popup "Email can not be changed for this user" .

This is an expected behavior in all the versions since username and email addresses are primary key filed on the user and claim attribute from the Identity provider and those uses has it own directory ID.

Email address can be changed before the login by defining user as a local user but post login with the user as OKTA or any other Identity provider with successful login, it considers as an external authentication user so it will not allow to edit the user info.