In operator as an option in Filter Data Table activity

After reading this thread and doing some checks in the Filter Wizard of Filter Data Table activity, I see there could be a scope for improvement.
The thread I am referring to : Filter DataTable activity?

Current operator options in Filter Data Table activity

I believe an additional operator option of In could enhance this activity.

Use case: Let say, the column name we are checking for is Name and we are interested to filter rows based on this column where the column value is found in an iterable datatype (Array or List). I understand that this can be done by having additional conditions (one for each item in the iterable), but as the thread above asks, a concise single liner without a need to write a custom For Each Datatable or a Linq expression can benefit many.

In operator
Keep rows where
"Name" In {"Foo", "Bar"}


The operation would then result in the Filtered DataTable where the Name column only has either Book or Flower as values.

Update : as @lepumin suggested Not in and Match operators would make this activity a go to for many scenarios.


Only “In” operator, what about “Not In”?
Is better to have “Match” operator using regex.

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Very timely suggestion, I saved it for our team consideration :slight_smile: