In my database one field is marked as "YES" then i need to trigger the E-mails

Hi Team,

i need trigger mail to my sales manager when some certain sale reps calculation is process completed then i need to send a mail to that particular manager alone

Eg: A,B,C are sales rep and 1 is a manager
D,E,F are sales rep and 2 is a manager
so for A,B,C i run a calculation and completed then for a manager as 1 he need to receive a three mail report
As like for the D,E,F .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

It is possible to do ?

Hi Ravi,

Have the robot check the progress of the a certain process ( like is A,B,C all calculated ). You could do this by having a bot check e-mail that should be sent when the bot has calculated, check a share drive etc.

Once the boolean gives you the confirmation it’s completed you can then send the mail out.