In Modern,The activity---table Extraction have a serious BUG!!!

when I use 【table Extraction】(the element is ok),it only Extraction the first page data :sob:

兄弟们,我用UiPath 新式体验的前面写了一上午的代码,下午需要用到【数据抓取】,结果这个数据抓取永远只抓取当前页面,点击下一步后就自动停止了,经过一两个小时的研究,我发现是新式体验的问题,我不用新式体验,用原来旧版本的【data scraping】就不会,我TM心态崩了!!!!!

Did you provided the navigation buttion while using Table Extraction.

NO,I try to extract other system page,bug is the same, I have to switch to classical,the question solved 。

1、table page >2
2、extract part of the data
UiPath 2022.4、Windows10、Chrome