In Intelligent OCR How can i Process Documents

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How can i give the Inputs for Definition Files and Documents fields for Process Documents activities in Intelligent OCR scope.


The input for Definition Files is an array with paths to .fcdot files.
A .fcdot file is generated by publishing a document definition ( from FlexiCapture Administrator Station. You can find the file in the Templates folder of the project created in the Administrator Station.

The input for Document is the path to the file you want to process (for example, an invoice).

Other details can be found at

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To use this, first you should create Abbyy template by using ABBYY FLEXY CAPTURE STUDIO and by using ABBYY SETUP STATION you should publish the template at this stage you can set up all properties like page rotation, data export and all other and can publish the template which you have created either to server or to your local machine, once it is published to your local machine you can provide that as input for this and if you know the concept of hot folder Document field servers the same purpose.

Process document throws “Process Document: Unable to load document definition from: templatepath”, can someone help me on this issue? Thanks!

Can you show what you have putted in the field for the “DefinitionFiles” ?


I have problem with Intelligent OCR scope. In Process Document I have an argument exception.

Source: Process Document

Message: Unable to load document definition from: Document Definition example.fcdot

Exception Type: System.ArgumentException

I am sure that I do everything correctly. In ABBY flexicapture document definition is valid. I read somewhere that it is problem with fcdot template, but I can not find any solution. Maybe you have some ideas how to solve it.