In Insights, do we have access to the JSON column in Queues with Business related metrics? How to Apply?

Hello - I have created multiple custom dashboards with metrics related to the RPA solution. Showing utilization, success/fail, processing time, etc. Noticing that most clients care about their business specific metrics. The OOTB dashboards are great for those who work closely with the solution (except ROI).

  1. How can I get access to the JSON column that comes out of the queues orchestrator export CSV tab? Using the data there, I’m able to show invoice totals, slice by vendor, etc.

  2. Will there be more content/tutorials on how to heavily customize dashboards? The demos were great, but would great if more material was out there to ensure clients are getting the most out of the tool

  3. If client has On-Prem DB with no insights, can we get access to those Queue-specific JSON columns?