In if condition data shows repeated

plz check screen shot

Hi @Shubham_Bidwai

Can you elaborate your query a bit more , the details you provided is not enough to understand the query.


i have one data table like

and i have created arrey with number of names like {“shubham”,“subhash”,…}
i want to match the both name and if match that one name then write the data of that name otherwise that name does not match then shows absent

hi @Sudharsan_Ka plz give me solution if u have

How about this expression i think this is what you are expecting

(From d In Dt.AsEnumerable
Let b=d("Name").ToString.ToUpper
Where String.Join(",",sample).ToUpper.Contains(b.ToString)
Select d).CopyToDataTable


i have data table
and one arrey
compair the arrey with datatable
if both name are same the write the data table value
else shows absent

Can you share your expected output? @Shubham_Bidwai

sudarshan and vikki not in data table thats why shows not update status

this is my flow