In If activity card in Decisions practice missing plus sign

When going through the module for Decisions in Studio X, it discusses using an “If” activity. After setting the Condition under the “If” activity (Excel E2 is empty) the user has to use the “open Application” and point to the Cash In field in DoubleUI. Then the user has to select a “Type Into” activity. At that point the plus sign inside the circle next to the type into field is missing to indicate the location of the Excel file and cell location from which the data is to be extracted. Is the missing + sign a bug? We ended up using an “Else if” so we could get the + sign. Please let us know if this is bug, a update to the activity and/or the video is no longer is in sync, etc. The result is extra work and frustration to students.


I’m not sure about Studio X, but in Studio, there is a bug which sometime prevents you from seeing the + sign. It can be fixed by closing and reopening the studio.

If that does not help, you can try changing the package version for Excel activities.


Can you share your version of StudioX and screenshot of the above issue?


Here is an empty Type Into actvity. It does not let me type anything into the Type This field nor is a + sign available to select. The eye icon(toggle password mode) is the only option and it is grayed. I haven’t seen the eye icon before so I am not sure what it is used for in addition to the inablity to input a value the field.

This is the version:


Generally plus is visible once you hover over the field…

And the eye icon is to hide what is typed inside the field…have it now because we have secure and standard text combined into same activity now instead of two

Even after hovering if plus is not see then I would suggest you to go to manage packages and change the system package version and UIAutomation package version and check(You can downgrade/upgrade and check it)

Hope this helps


Thank you for your information. Someone just sent me an update to 2023.4.0 and that resolved the issue.

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Thats the autoamtic update from UiPath :smiley: They must have sensed your problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a new community upgrade released today

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