In forum, do not display topics from Ignored users


In UiPath’s forum, I’ve ignored some users but their topics are displayed in “Categories”, “Latest” and “New” pages and their posts are dislayed in topics (I’ve actually seen only twice that posts were hidden in a topic but I obviously can’t tell about topics well hidden).

As a period seems to be mandatory, I’ve set it to six months. On target users’ profile page, the Ignored flag is shown.

This on Windows 10 on two PC and with Opera and Firefox, on Android with Chrome.

It’s an important feature for me. I’m keeping screenshots if you require. You can PM me if needed.

EDIT 2020-06-04: now, posts’ content from ignored users are replace by a mention the content is ignored. It good enough for me on for that part. The topics opened by those users are still shown when I’m logged in and that’s the main issue.

Hi @msan

I believe Discourse (on which Forum is hosted) might have did some improvements by now, but I did not play around with it myself though.

I found this topic on their Forums though, is this what you mean?

In that case, it might be a while until they implement it, given it is not currently planned (according to that topic).

Hi @loginerror ,

Yes, your link is about the same concern. Thank you for your investigation. :+1:

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