In excel i need to find string and based on that string need to find some more strings

Hi @vineelag ,

Check out the attached workflow as per your requirements, and if you have any questions, do ask them. (803.3 KB)

Vinit Mhatre

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Thank you @Vinit_Mhatre ,

But i am Not looking for the to find the word in entire sheet i am only finding in the box itself.
please kindly let me know if it possible.

Hi @Yoichi

can you please kindly help me on this.

Thank you!!!

Do you mean we shouldn’t search word “FUNCTION” and “STANDARD & REGULATION” in the whole sheet OR only “TAIL”,“STOP” “RR TURN” etc?

And it may be difficult to check if the keyword exists because there are many type of expression for STANDARD & REGULATION such as “STANDARD & REGULATION”, “STANDARD AND REGULATION” or “STANDARD/REGULATION” Is it possible to share all the expressions to be identified?


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