In dispatcher process,I am getting error at transaction item variable type.(uipath level3 assignment2)


yes in_TransactionItem.RetryNo to io_RetryNumber


@SUPRIYA123 Datatype of those 2 variables are different check it once


yes different my doubt is what i should change.


@SUPRIYA123 Convert right side value to int32 datataype


i tried that.again It is saying retry number is not member of integer


@SUPRIYA123 can i know what values u getting in right hand side? is just number, decimals or combination of numbers and letters.


combination of numbers and letters


@SUPRIYA123 then change datatype of left hand side to string in variable section


changed.but error is same


@SUPRIYA123 ur righthand side varibale should also be string


yes at right side i have in_TransactionItem.RetryNo.For that in_TransactionItem is changed to string.Error throwing at retry no…I am asking about RetryNo


@SUPRIYA123 can u share that xaml file?


SetTransactionStatus.xaml (50.7 KB)


@SUPRIYA123 “in_TransactionItem.RetryNo” what it exactly means


not worked after giving double quotes also.Please can u make change and send me xaml file if possible


@SUPRIYA123 i asked what in_TransactionItem.RetryNo exactly means.


not is showing by default


@SUPRIYA123 i am also not sure about it, by removing removing .RetryNo from in_TransactionItem.RetryNo and alsp changing io_RetryNumber type to String in variable section. Ur error can be cleared. I dont know whether it is correct or not but error can be removed now.


ok.i will try it




how did u clear this error, I am facing same issue.

Retry_no error