In depth explanation of attributes?!

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Is there a in depth explanation of attributes?

What do I mean? For example let’s take “aastate” from “WND” (see About Selectors) - what values are possible? what do these values mean? etc.

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You can know about attributes here. Those basically are the html tag properties or attributes


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aastate defines the option or specific value in website is enabled or disabled. Based on it we can design our condition.
For example, you need to Click the Toggle button, Before click, you have to check it, if it is disabled then click to enable, else skip it.
Kindly refer to this thread, You may get some idea.

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UiPath Studio offers a functionality called selectors which is used to interact with the Graphical User Interface (GUI) elements by identifying their tags and attributes.
I hope the link that you shared gives a clear understanding about the selector selection in UiPath.

You can also check the below.


In UiPath, an attribute is a piece of information or data associated with an element in a user interface (UI) or with a variable in a workflow. Attributes can provide additional information about an element or variable and can be used to customize or configure their behavior.

There are different types of attributes that can be used in UiPath, depending on the element or variable they are associated with. Some common examples of attributes in UiPath include:

  • Element attributes: These are attributes that are associated with elements in a UI, such as buttons, text boxes, or list boxes. Element attributes can be used to customize the appearance or behavior of the element, such as the text displayed on a button or the size of a text box.
  • Variable attributes: These are attributes that are associated with variables in a workflow, such as string variables, integer variables, or boolean variables. Variable attributes can be used to specify the type of the variable, the scope of the variable (e.g., whether it is global or local), and other properties.
  • Activity attributes: These are attributes that are associated with activities in a workflow, such as the activity name, description, or category. Activity attributes can be used to provide additional information about the activity or to customize its behavior.

In UiPath, attributes are typically set using the Properties panel in the Designer panel. You can access the Properties panel by selecting an element or variable in the Designer panel and clicking the Properties button. The Properties panel will display a list of available attributes for the selected element or variable, and you can use it to set the values of the attributes as needed.

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I’m looking for sth. like a list which looks sth. like this.

Attribute: idx
Values: Integer
Meaning: Text