What is the purpose and why do we need this with this argument???

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It is of Dictionary type and here it will read details from config.xlsx file

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Here, it is declared as in_Config and for this input will come from ‘Config’ variable in Main.xaml

Hi @balkishan,

As you may be already aware, when working with REFramework, there are many configurations involved… Most of them are stored in the Config.xlsx file that gets generated along with the framework template. The data of the config file is held in a dictionary <string, object> format when the program is running.
Dictionary is a key value format where it has a value for every unique key in the dictionary. That is why you have both Name & value columns in the config excel as well. So, the Name column of the config file is the key, and the value field is the value.
Why we have String, Object?
String is used to hold the key hence we do not usually do any calculations with the keys of the dictionary.
Why have object? that’s because the value for each key can vary… it can be a numeric, text or anything. So, in order to hold anything, we usually use the object datatype.

In the framework, if you check the main.xaml, this is held in a variable named Config. During the process flow, we need to pass these configurations to workflows we call time to time. That’s when the arguments come in. So when we need to pass the config to other workflows, we do something similar to what you have in your screenshot…

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@Lahiru.Fernando @lakshman Thanks :slight_smile:

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