In citrix environment not able to fill data in text box using chrome

In citrix environment i try to fill the data in text box in a website. it’s working in Firefox but not working in chrome. what could be the reason for that?

I am trying to fill the data in the below link

could someone please help me.


In this case, First you need to click onto the text box and than try type into activity.

Hope this will help!

Thank you,

i already tried in the same was as you said. But it’s not working.


Go to studio -> setup tab -> setup extensions -> install chrome setup extension.

Restart the studio and try.


i have installed chrome extn already.

I am doing this is citrix environment. so, chrome extension is not helpful.


use Anchor base activity
in anchor branch use Find element and in the
drop action activity part use type into activity
make sure that selectors should be stable,
Hope it will help you


You can try hotkey to type into citrix envirnment.