In assigning WIList "object reference is not set to an instance of an object"

I am facing the issue while running my level3 assignment project i.e Calculate client security hash .
It is showing “object reference is not set to an instance of an object”.

Dude i think you are not sending any value for that reason you get that op
when the value is null on that time you will get this error so please check it once or some times we have to create an object.

Chethan P

Dude, you are missing a closing ’ here


I.e Type = ‘WI5’ not \type = 'WI5


Thanks, Actually i attached the wrong screenshot of it , i had closed it but still showing the same issue.

Sending the value ,but where ? I guess i am using the TransactionData from Extract_Workitems.

Shouldn’t it be something like this?

dt_WL5Items.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”)

You should be selecting from the data table of all items, not transaction data

Please have a look at screenshot Sir, i have assigned the value from Extract_Workitems to TransactionData . Isn’t it correct ?


What you should be doing is filtering the table for Open WI5 items and assigning them to an array of data rows.

i.e WI5 list is of type DataRow and you are using the .Select method to assign it to open WI5 items from the table you extracted earlier.

Sir i am not getting your point . I am using WIList as list of Datarow and using the .Select method to assign it to TransactionData of type DataTable which is the value assigned from Extract_Workitems . AND what change should i bring in it ?

Either you have provided the wrong screenshot or you have mixed up the steps. The steps in the initialize section should be as below …

send me the screenshot of import argument of your extract_workitems please
and screenshot of data type of the variables used

the list of WI5 is still 0 I don’t know why,
Can you help me please ? (2.4 MB)

Sir Plz Help me Out
in assignment1 Client Hash Security Data Extract Properly but In the Process Transaction Have Many Types of Issues Like This.