In am getting this error in write range Please help

I am still new to UI path. I am getting this error in my write range. Please help.

Initially I when I enter Item in the space for datatable, it doesn’t permit it. I now converted the item to a variable, it is still throwing an error.

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Can you elaborate your requirement? And if possible, can you share your workflow?


I have tried uploading it, but it is saying a new user cannot upload.
Processing: Main.xaml…

Can you get it via this link?

Picture of my workflow


Unfortunately, I cannot download it from the link. Can you check its permission?

Anyway. the error shows item is Null. So can you check content of vExport_ResultTables at Locals Panel when workflow stopped?



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Instead of “Candidate_Details” in table name mention as item.TableName and make sure the type argument of that FOR EACH loop is correct

For complete training have a view on this thread

Cheers @vickjoe