In AI center, ML skilled deployed but giving error

Can you please help me
Have you tested the Xaml Files.
could you please check once

sorry, actually i mean to say when i click on “Test Skill” .i got this window

please help me out

Oh that’s bad, I’ll open a bug on our side for this, thanks for the feedback.

I think you copy past too much things in your previous message, is the error message exact same when running the workflow?

yeah, the same error i got when i am running workflow.

Hey @Monika_Neeboriya
I think I found the issue, could you try with that input:
"[{""Pregnancies"":6, ""Glucose"":148, ""BloodPressure"":72, ""SkinThickness"":35, ""Insulin"":0, ""BMI"":33.6, ""DiabetesPedigreeFunction"":0.627, ""Age"":50}]"
(I added bracket arround)


This solved the same issue I was having. Needed the surrounding the input.

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