In advance training assignment 2 how to update the work item of type WI4

I have downloaded and uploaded the yearly of year 2017 then next step is to navigate the URL to work item of type WI4 of that particular tax id . Then update that work item now here i am not able to understand how to add comments for that request or work item.

I think the instruction says that, once you upload the report you will get a upload id.

You need to get that and then go to the WIID4 item and click on update and in comments add the id and change the status to completed


I also don’t get that part, after I invoke the update work item, should I create another activity that will change the status and comment?

As per the assignment, Update workitem should be copied from assignment 1 system1 folder to the current assignment system1 folder. It should already have all the activities to update the workitem by changing the status, write comments and save.

All you need to do again is import arguments and pass the right one. That’s all it should work.