In a for each row stop the current row and skip to the next one

Hi everyone
I have a for each row that takes a DT from an Excel file (don’t know the length of it).
inside I have a Switch-Case that checks if a list of strings (string) contains a certain string.
if so it will continue without a problem, but if not it will give me a ‘log message’ with an exception.
My problem is that if I get this ‘log message’ I want the ‘for’ to stop and go to the next row.
So if I will put a ‘Throw’ it will throw me out of the whole program and that’s not good, I want it to continue to the next row!
thank u very much for the help

if anyone had the same problem
i figured it out
the activity Continue
it will get u out from the current running of the ‘for each/for each row’ and put u in the next iteration


@dlichtenstadt - you can try below

inside foreach
add try/catch block
add your logic inside try
in catch block wirte exception log activity and add continue activity

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