Improvements to the datascaper



The datascaper is a great tool, however some improvements would be nice.

List of improvements

  • The ability to change the datascaper after running the wizard. How to change the pattern and the names of the columns, if the datascaper found a table.

  • Provide documentation of the “Data Definition”

  • Change the default behaviour of the find next page feature. Currently the datascaper internally seems to rely on a “Find element” activity on the next page link. If I change the ContinueOnError setting to False, the activity doesn’t work when browsing multiple pages, as I see an exception on the last page.

As a note for the datascaper it will never fail, as the ContinueOnError is True. So you cannot do proper error handling.



I agree with you about this point, It will help us to filtering many objects that we don’ t want to get.