Improvements in Orchestrator Activities

Currently Start job just starts the bot and does not return any output.

It would be good if it get job status activity takes job ID as input and returns status returns status and output of process if job is successful. So that we can use it in much better way.
Also, start process doesn’t provide an option to pass input arguments to it.

With this we can efficiently use our robots.

We can do this using Orchestrator API. It would be easy if we have direct option available in studio.


It is already implemented giving inputs to the bot while starting job from orchestrator.

And when Job completes we can see the output values of the Job in Job Details.

To display Input and Output values in Job, we should add them as arguments in main.xaml

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Are you talking about Start Job activity?

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Sorry, I am talking about start job in orchestrator.


this Activity is will start a job with given inputs and provides the output as well

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Hi @Rocki_Jan

As mentioned earlier, you could try the:

It seems like something you would want to do :slight_smile:

Could you elaborate on your use case using the Start job activity? Is it much different from the above mentioned Orchestration Process?

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