Improvement idea - support ID vs cloud Orchestrator URL

Hi UiPath Team,

I’m writing to you with an idea how UiPath Support could be improved – at least in my opinion.

Our company is partnering with UiPath and we are working with +10 customers that are using cloud orchestrator.

We had multiple times challenges with requesting support at UiPath help desk because we didn’t know Support ID for a certain client (for example we are not selling licenses to the client or don’t have admin access to customer’s Orchestrator). On the other side, we usually know the URL address of the Orchestrator for the customer – which is also a unique identifier after all.

Maybe in the future it would be possible to resign from Support ID as mandatory and also allow Orchestrator URL to open requests?

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Hi @Dominik,
I route your idea to the support team. I or somebody from the team will inform you about any update on this. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

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Hi @Dominik , Wish you a very happy new year.
We are in phase of planning & revamping the forms which is used to reach UiPath support team and it’s good to see you sharing the improvement idea with us and as stated by @Pablito we will discuss this internally and update you about this when there is an decision around same.
Have a good week ahead.!

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Thanks guys! All the best in New Year to you too.

If you are looking for other ideas to improve the support I have one more . Sometimes I receive several (too many) emails about a certain topic without information what the ticket was about. For example we buy licenses for the customer (or our self) and I receive 3-4 emails telling me that the ticket was done, next one that the ticket was resolved and one more that the ticket was closed. There is often no information about the ticket topic, so I don’t even know what it was about and still I get plenty of emails.

On the bright side - I’m really happy that all cases are solved very efficiently :slight_smile: UiPath has one of the best and quickest support I have ever seen in my life.