Improved table view

The table views in the automation pipeline are clunky. The fixed columns at the beginning and end make it difficult to navigate if you have a large list of ideas and several columns because you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the horizontal scroll bar. Not all of the fields are available for sorting (ex. sort by phase doesn’t appear to be an option). It’d also be nice to be able to set a default view for all users so we’re all looking at the same list while still allowing for individual view customizations (maybe controlled by role?).

Hi @philip.dickey

Thank you for your suggestions. We appreciate all the feedback coming our way about the Automation Hub experience.

I saved your feedback and our Automation Hub team will consider it for the future :slight_smile:


The table design will be improved in time, as we will adopt a design component which will make it look consistent with the tables from the other UiPath cloud services.

Some fields are not available for sorting, as not all of them can support a universal sorting logic. You can say that for an organization a Technical Review happens after the idea was in Development, but for other organizations they perform a Technical Review even before approving an idea for implementation. For this reason we avoided enforcing a sorting logic based on phase.

We can consider some of the suggestions as part of future improvements.

Thank you,