Improved Search box in orchestrator

No only ‘startwith’ strategy in Search box.
wildcard use is necessary.
I keep waiting for years

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Having it actually search the SpecificData of the queue items would be ideal.

MANY times I need to find a specific item in a queue and I know something like an account number or something that’s in the data. Going one-by-one is a hassle and a big time waster.

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It would be nice if there was a small field where the sql query is written.

In addition to that, It would be much better to have in “Automations” at least, the sub-pages filtered by the same global search.

For example, instead of each sub-page has its own search box:


It will be better to have (or an option to switch) to this format (where the search box is the same for every sub-page):


So, if I’m looking for everything regarding an specific process, I type on the search just once and navigate on the sub-pages of that specific process.

Currently when we are analyzing something we need to re-type for every sub-page…

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It would be better if the search text did not disappear every time you click into a job/process

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YES this would be fantastic. A global search just like in Studio

And there needs to be a back button to get back to wherever you were.

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An improved Search box for the orchestrator is really necessary.

Not only the search has no features at all , e.g. no wildcards, it is not possible to search multiple words in one phrase like “a word” and it the orchestrator ignores letters like punctuation e.g. it decides, the hyphen is a character to ignore.
That is not appropriate in 2023 (and has not been for years).

High priority please !

I saw this today and had been meaning to write something to help fix the search options. Personally I want to be able to view more than one status for jobs (running, pending and suspended) and been meaning to figure out how to do that, but the bad search stuff on QueueItems always bothered me that it was StartWith instead of Contains.

Anyhoo, I have a solution. it still needs some beautifying but its functional.
Lets say I have this Queue (you may notice an ugly new box)

Well if I search for 5 I get these results now, as you can see, its not doing StartsWith, but contains.

That of course doesn’t justify the ugly dropdown, its so you can do this. Here you can see it is able to filter based on some text in the specific content. Now doing an API call to filter on the SpecificContent seems tough. I am using the SpecificData which is the serialized version as I cannot get the real object to work. But I think its better than nothing. You can also choose Output on the dropdown and search on that.

If you are interested in such a solution its using TamperMonkey to alter the API request before it is sent to make it better or to use a different property to search on. I can make a thing to share it if you want it.
I have a few different TamperMonkey scripts to do things like this. For example I despise that it shows me ‘2 days ago’ when showing me jobs or queue items. Mine now says the actual date.

Of course I expect and kind of hope UiPath to perk up and say ‘don’t mess with our website and intercept our API calls’, to which I say, ok, but fix this as its been asked for quite a while. The reference part doing contains instead of starts with is so simple. It could be done tomorrow and pushed to the cloud.

I messed up the tagging you in the comment. Hopefully you will see this.

I did see it, thank you. Unfortunately I’m in a highly controlled environment and wouldn’t be able to use this kind of solution. Need UiPath to improve it.

You cannot even add a chrome extension. That is sad, bad luck then.

Hopefully UiPath will see how easy it is to implement a decent reference search and do that at least. Searching on SpecificContent or Output is indeed harder though.

Hi Everyone,
Firstly, great to see all this feedback aimed at improving the experience we offer.

  1. QueueItems startsWith: we are actively seeking solutions here to be able to offer such searches within you tenant more flexible, We will have a first take at this with our Solutions project.
    Searching though non-encrypted SpecificData would be even further down the road, not feasible on MSSQL at this point as it would lead to severe performance degradations on our current model.
  2. image
    The global search already does a cross folder search via contains, this covers al non-runtime-entities for now, but it should address some of the use-cases outlined in the thread.
    Kind Regards, Alex.

I mean… its like 10 minutes worth of work. I already solved it in with my Tampermonkey script.
Your odata current has a filter of ‘StartsWith’, I intercept that and change it to ‘Contains’.
Its really simple so I don’t see why there are is delay in implementing this?