Improve the mobile forum PWA layout

Right now there’s several issues with the forum layout when using the mobile PWA version.

The links at the top hide your profile as well as anything else under them, and writing a new post has some usability issues as well. The suggested forum topics that are like your post overlay the editor.

Hi @Joseph_Iaquinto,
Please use mobile version of Forum web page. These from your screenshots are Forum PC version.

This was using the PWA installation of the UiPath Forum via chrome. Ideally a PWA should be fully responsive for many viewports. When viewing individual topics, the nav links at the top do become hidden so the hamburger menu and profile can be tapped. Note that this layout will also cause issues for anyone using their browser in a small width viewport.


I tested website with many chrome plugins. The fact is that they can’t emulate fully the mobile version of website. This what you see is still desktop version of forum website and it can’t be properly displayed in such small window. You can try to open it using Android emulator like BlueStacks or other. Or just running it on smartphone (

Hi @Joseph_Iaquinto

Can you check now? :slight_smile: