Improve Debugging tool/デバッグ機能の向上

(English following Japanese)


  1. デバッグスピードの向上–>普通に処理するのより格段に遅い
  2. デバッグ中の変数・テーブル内容の書き換えを可能にしてほしい
  3. デバッグ中に変数・テーブル内容のExcel (もしくはText)出力を可能にしてほしい
  4. Slow step のオプションを、微調整できるようにしてほしい

i’m pleasure if UiPath studio debugging tool will be improved.

  1. Debugging speed is much slower than normal Run process… It’s sometime stuck and take much more time…
  2. Need function to change variables and tables parameter while debugging. I sometime wanted to change Boolean to control if sentence.
  3. Need function to extract internal table value while debugging. Currently I’m using write csv activity to extract it but it bothersome…
  4. I would like to change intervals of Slow step option while debugging… Sometime it too fast or too slow for me.

I hope those troubles are not only for me.


Hi @Jumbo

I think most (I think all, actually) of the suggestions here are implemented in the latest Studio version. Check it out :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your info, It’s much better than last year!!

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