Improve bot utilization

I have a process which runs 24x7. I need to keep checking for input and once get process it. But the input i get come at anytime of the day. The issue is bot is utilized only for 3-4 hrs.

Is there any way I can improve my bot utilization?


We can schedule the bot to run for every 20 or 30 mins on daily basis
So that if any input is provided by that mean time bot will pick and process them

It will look for every 30 mins and process the input if it’s there

Cheers @garimavarshney9

What is the input file?

If it’s some file created on bot machine then you can create a batch file to monitor that location for new file and as soon as it is there you can start process

If the input is through a dispatcher then you csn add start process activity in the end of the dispatcher amd that will start the performer and the recently dispatched items will be picked instantly

And Palaniyappan mentioned you can schedule it to run after certain number of hours, make sure this will create a lot of entries on the orchestrator so have a different folder view for such recurring processes and mainly this method will have a delay in processing.