Imports Error

I can not find ‘’ in imported namespaces, I need to use, what can i do? Thank you very much!

I have it @HarveyLi,

Have you tried the same?

Declare a variable with ‘System.Windows.Forms.Cursor’ datatype (using Browse for Types). Once declared you will have namespace imported automatically.

Yes I tried, but it does not exist.

I tried just now but it seems that ‘’ haven’t been imported automatically.

You declared the variable with 'System.Windows.Forms.Cursor’ datatype ? Can you pls share the screenshot

It’s imported now but another problem pops up.

Do this,

Open your xaml in a notepad file and add the namespace manually as it is , you will have some previously

I figured it out. I just need to update ‘uipath.system.activities’.

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Thank you. I figured it out. I just need to update system.activities and it works now.

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Thank you, I know why now.