Importing Studio process to another PC


I created a process on my local PC and then emailed it to myself at work, but it doesn’t work when running on my work PC (remote desktop).

This is the error I’m getting

My IT team said the following:

Does anyone know if I can fix this error? I would really prefer not to create the whole process again.Is there a way to update the path?


UiPath.Interop.dll resides in the user’s folder, for example C:\Users\Administrator\.nuget\packages\uipath\10.0.6957.21531 (mind that your user’s name will and the version number might be different). However, that’s for CE only - did you build the workflow with CE, and then attempt to use it with Enterprise (shouldn’t be an issue to my knowledge, just curious).

If you can’t find that particular file, just remove or rename the entire nuget folder. Studio will automatically restore missing packages.

Thanks. Ended up just recreating the process, didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would.

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