Importing from Excel to PowerPoint

I am trying to import data from Excel to PowerPoint, however, I need to only import 25 lines of data per slide instead of the whole worksheet at once. How can I do this?
How can I break up the data in the automation?

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Hi @TasneemA

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  1. While reading the excel file with read range activity we can set the range we want till 25 like this “A1:E25” if there are columns from A to E
  2. Now we be getting the output as a datatable and name it out_dt
  3. use output datatable activity to convert the datatable into a text format and get the output as a string type variable named out_text and write it a text file using write text activity and save it in a folder with a file name
  4. Now use this component to write into a power point you want

Kindly try this and let know buddy @TasneemA
Hope this would help you
Cheers @TasneemA

Thank you very much! I’ll try this and see how it goes

Fine @TasneemA

Thanks again. This worked marvelously, however, it doesn’t keep the columns or the spaces. Is there any way to remedy this?

Can i have a view on that as a screenshot if possible
Cheers @TasneemA


Hi, I could’nt reach the url.