Importing DataTable content from "try" state, if "catch" has been found - Possible?

I was wondering if this solution is possible. I have flowchart invoked in state machine’s try/catch state. My goal is to lever up all of the data which was added to datatable in this flowachart before the exception had occured. Let’s say that there is 5 strings in for each loop and each of them is suppose to be added to DataTable. After adding 3 strings, exception has raised and robot switched to another state in state machine. My argument which contains DataTable content is imported within “try” state. Is it possible to get this data anyway ? I could use excel to keep it, but I really need DT.

Hi @ledi12,
If I understand this correctly, all you need is the data stored in the datatable variable. Please change the scope of the variable to be available across all the state machines. If you’re using RE Framework the scope would be general business.


Ok once again.

I have invoke flowchart method in one state under try/catch. Inside this method there is loop which adds new rows. My question was if it is possible to retrieve the rows added to my dt before “catch” has been found ? All flowachart is in try, catch has only variables which navigates to proper state made for AE’s

whatever rows were added to the datatable before exception will be available on the variable. To access the datatable variable within an invoked workflow, please pass it as an argument. The invoking workflow should accept an argument of In direction with the same datatype. On the invoke workflow window, click on import arguments and you can pass the datatable variable to it.

I did that and did not work

arghh I’m so stupid :smiley: I forgot to use “add data row”. Thanks anyway :wink: