Important question

Hi everyone.

Plz help me for the below use case

A folder contains some 300 excel files, and I need to append data of all excels together in one and below is my task to perform via RPA

  1. Open folder
  2. Read first excel, click and open it.
  3. Extract all the data from that excel
    4.Extract the file name
  4. Paste the data and file name should reflect on top in new excel file
  5. Read second excel from folder and repeat same steps till the last file in folder
    . 7. All the data will be pasted in the same excel.

Do your excel files have only 1 sheet? and data in sheet is in data table type (with header & detail in rows)?

Excel has 2 sheets and yes it is in proper table structure… 100*100 table

And i want only one sheet i.e. Sheet 2. I dont want to use both sheets in my task