Import more CSV into more sheets Excel

I’m a new uipath user and I would to know how can i import more csv into more sheet excel.
I need to read csv more csv files and each file imported into excel sheet. I would rename each sheet with vaule in cell after import csv.
Then, i would to know if is possible do a string replace befor import in excel.

Thank you,

Quite easy - you use the Read CSV activity to read each of the CSV files that you have and use the Write Range to write to an Excel Output.

You may need to utilise a template - I can’t remember if the Activity creates a new Sheet if the Sheet you state doesn’t exist.


Hi richarddenton,
I have been able to import csv in excel, but my problems are two:
Before importing the CSV, I should replace some characters in the same one then import it into excel.
Next, I would need to import every csv into a different sheet renamed in a certain way.
How can I do it?

Thank you so much,