Import Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel does not work


Hello everybody,
I have a problem. I want to Import the Namespace Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel. But everytime I try it, my program stucks. And when it is working again i can not use the Namespace.

Can some one help me?


HI @fejac,
May I know the usage of this. Because in Uipath, It has many activities related to Excel.



I would like to write into a Cell of a Excesheet


HI @fejac,
Why don’t you use Write Cell Activity inside the Excel application scope . For more information about Excel you can see …





I allready did that. ButI want to use because I think it is faster.


Try this


Thanks! It is working now.


fejac, can you please share your solution? I’ve just tried: Dim xl as Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application was found in Intelisense, but there is an error, as I run the process - Type Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application is not defined… Any idea?


if not automatically added, check if you have the below name space (5th or 6th line from top), if not try adding



Invoke Code doesn't work when trying to manipulate Excel because of missing Assemblies

@vvaidya , thank you so much!!! Now it’s working, BUT!

As I will do any changes in “Invoke code”, than the part of xmlns:moie will be removed… So I need to add there this part and it’s working properly. Any Idea? But anyway, thanks a lot, you fixed my critical issue, but this “bug” could be fixed too :).



Can you please explain where can i add excel dll reference manually

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