Import logs from Robot


How would I import a log file from a robot into orchestrator so it shows up when I view logs for specific jobs?
The ElasticSearch server was down overnight and all jobs that was run in that time have no logs in orchestrator nor ES. They exist on the robot machine, in the log files, just not on the server.

I’ve already tried manually putting a log message into the index with a POST request to indexname/_doc but this does not make it show up in orchestrator logs.

Any ideas?

I have the same problem here, our ES server was down for few days and we would need to manually upload the logs to ES either from SQL or Log file. (they are in both places)
We have also tried manually post one log, but even the log was successfully uploaded, we can’t see him in Kibana.
We have used bellow syntax:

POST <index_name>/_bulk
{json log message}

Are we missing something?

Is there a way how to easily upload the logs from a log file?


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