Import individual files into an app

Hi, I have an app that imports PDFs and extracts them into tabular format for me in excel. How do I open each file within a folder in this app, do what I need to do then loop to the next file? I need to open the folder first in the app, then do what I need to do. I cant go App>folder

Sorry mistype - First app then folder, not folder then app

Hi @chardeJvv

App-> folder is your local system or in the app?(i., Folder is inside the app?)

Import file saved in folder via app, then run procedure in app for each file in the folder.

HI @chardeJvv

  1. assign a Var1(String of array datatype)=Directory.GetFiles(“Give your folder path”,"*.pdf"){".pdf" is for taking the files that contains only pdf extensions}
  2. Then Use For Each activity and pass this variable into that
    • Inside for each you can give your uploading steps
      Eg: Click on upload button click on “item(i.e, PDF file 1 )”
  • Assign Demo =item
  • open UI Explorer in Click Activity and indicate on screen and check for “text” or “innertext” in the attributes

  • Right click on the value and choose variable as you have created in the starting if not choose create variable and create a new one

  • As you remember this is the variable i have created so choosing this

  • After Selecting it will become like this and works dynamically

It will be keeps on repeating until the last PDF gets uploaded