Import extension System.Net.FtpClient

Hello everyone!!

I developed an project which use the FtpClient as type varibale. However, I need to move this project to other computer but when I open it there are several error because uipath does recognize the ftpclient as type varibale. I tried adding the extension but It does not appear. I dont know why It happens where both machines have the same uipath version.


Have you tried to install all the packages from Manage Packages (CTRL + P)? Maybe with FTP Package the extension get available.


Actually, the package that you mentions is already installed.

The problems is that I don´t use the ftpclient object because uipath does not recognize this variable type.

Go to this location and check if you have System.Net.FtpClient.dll? If not, try adding from other machine and see if it helps.

System.Runtime.InteropServices.RuntimeEnvironment.GetRuntimeDirectory() → WriteLine it