Import CSV file

Dear friends,
I am trying to upload a CSV file using UiPath studio in my application but i am not able to upload it. Kindly help. Thanks in advance.

What’s causing the issue/what are the activities you used/how far you able to proceed ,are there any error?
Need more info.

I am new to UiPath. I tried to execute it with Read CSV and Select the file activities but my execution stops while selecting the file.

This activity can be used to read csv/manipulate datatable etc.

This activity opens a dialog box to select a file which is required in case your creating attended bot,

How ever there are couple of post in forum related to your qn.
Reference 2

PS: I’d encourage you to take up UiPath Academy Training which helps you to understand the activity and all the features.

Let me check it out. Thank you.

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I tried but its not working as expected. Plz advice.
helo.xaml (12.0 KB)

I looked at your workflow ,I don’t see any changes .Did you see reference post yet?
As mentioned previously you can’t use read csv and select file.
You need to go to target application (web/sap,windows app etc) then click upload button there, then you just have to use TypeInto/SetText activity with appropriate selector by passing (folder+filename)

Thanks. I am getting the below message,

Directory name is invalid. Exception Type: IO Exception.
note: I have given the same path where my file exist

test.xaml (8.3 KB)

Kindly advice.